DataSpeeder Launches Instant End-User Web GUI for MySQL

OTTAWA, ON, Canada, September 8, 2020 —

DataSpeeder is an application that gives you an instant end-user web GUI for MySQL. No building, no coding, no SQL. Just point DataSpeeder at your database tables and it works.

DataSpeeder provides functionality to create, modify, search and join data in MySQL databases. All in a web GUI application that is up-and-running immediately and designed to be easy for everyday users.

DataSpeeder was designed to enable businesses to free up programming resources to focus on revenue-generating code, instead of building custom software for regular data entry tasks.

"When you consider how much time it takes to build regular database functionality from scratch, it can take days and weeks and months. DataSpeeder is a good value that gets your users up-and-running with basic Data Entry functionality, immediately", Stephen Legge of Laney Software said in the DataSpeeder product demo.

A full product demo video, software download, and trial licenses are attainable on the DataSpeeder website (

Contact Info: Stephen Legge, 
Communications, Laney Software Inc. 


Video Demo: Introducing DataSpeeder
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