Instant End-User Web GUI for Oracle and MySQL Databases

DataSpeeder gives you an instant end-user web app to effortlessly search, view, and edit data.

No coding, no scripting. Just point it at your database and it works.

Up and running immediately.

Intentionally simple, straight-forward, and obvious.


Instant Running Application

No building, no coding, no SQL.
Just point DataSpeeder at your database tables and it works.

Easy & Simple Interfaces

Easy and intuitive UIs simple enough for even non-technical users.

Custom Page Views

Customizable create, view, and edit pages even for the same data type.  Customizable widgets for fields like checkbox, date-picker, drop-down lists.

Built-in Search

Your data is immediately searchable, and search results are displayed using built-in pagination for large data results.

Validation Rules

Built-in validation rules for field data, and custom editors for specific data types.

User Accounts

Application users log in with their own permissions-based account and passwords.

Who is DataSpeeder for ?

DataSpeeder was designed to enable businesses to free up programming resources to focus on revenue-generating code. DataSpeeder could be a solution for you if ...

‣ You and your dev team are on a tight development schedule and you need to free up resources

‣ Your requirements include an easy end-user web GUI for users to log in, create, search, modify, and join data types

‣ Your dev and support team needs a non-admin web GUI to support your back-end system

Is there a Free Trial?


Click on the download link and we’ll send you a free trial license and help you get up and running fast.

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